Welcome to my website. Here you'll find information about my projects, many of which are applicable to pyrotechnics. Please don't break the law using anything on this site, and all work is intellectual property of Robert McMullen. It is all free to use but you must give me credit if you redestribute it in a modified or unmodified form. Thank you, and happy building. If you get a 404 error when you try to download, shoot me an email and I'll fix it for you.


Here are links to the projects featured on this site, with some photos/renderings to lure you in.

  • Fuse Machine - An automated visco fuse spinning machine. Small, robust, non-sparking and high-output. Fuse Machine
  • Penny Press - The Olin College Penny Press. Just like the ones you find at Disney World, but with more F.W. Olin and less Mickey Mouse. Penny Press
  • Automated Star Pump - If you find yourself manually pumping hundreds of pyrotechnic stars and thinking, "There has to be a better way!" There is. This is a fully automated Star Pump, which makes ~1 star per second. Star Pump
  • Ball Mill/Metal Grinder - Combination Ball Mill/Metal Grinder. For your mixing, crushing and grinding needs. It is powered by a Kitchen-Aid mixer. Ball Mill
  • Circle Punch - If you find yourself cutting hundreds of identical circles out of paperboard, this will relieve your tedium. Circle Punch
  • Hydraulic Press - For all your squishing needs. Great for corning black powder, and generally seeing what happends to things that are being crushed by 10 tons of force.
  • Hydraulic Press Down
  • Automated Tube Roller - A fully automated machine to roll paper tubes of any wall thickness and adjustable ID. Coming Soon.
  • Tube Roller
  • Anodization Machine - Make anything aluminum beautiful.

Project Count: 28

Hopper, Swimmer, Ball Mill/Grinder, Circle Punch, RoboProjo, Fuse Machine, ROVr, Mod-Sim Rockets, Penny Press, Popcorn Machine, UOCD, Transport, Compressed-Air Hybrid, Airfoil modeling, Arcjet, 3D-printed Bridge, Pool Triangle, Caliper Case, Tesla Turbine, Remote Ignition, Star Pump, Inflatable Landing Gear, ARL Robot, 2010 Baja, 2011 Baja, 2012 Baja, 2013 Baja, Tube Roller