Circle Punch OpenCircle Punch Closed

This is a little punch I designed and built sometime during my sophmore year for the purpose of making 1.656" paperboard circles en masse. The basic design would carry over to any sized circle or theoretically any reasonable shape. To use it, you stick in a strip of paperboard, hit the bolt circle on top with a rubber mallet, advance the strip, and repeat. If you're good at if you can make up to 1 circle per second, not counting the time it takes to make the paperboard strips, which I get from old cereal and snack boxes. Recycle, reduce, reuse...


All CAD are SolidWorks files. See Links for SolidWorks viewing software. 04-00 is the top level assembly. A .zip file of all the CAD is available to save you clicking.

Technical Drawings

This is a full set of technical drawings. One part has an easier machining configuration shown in the drawing, as well as a .DXF of the profile as designed. A .zip file of the whole package is available to save you clicking.